Holographic Slammer

by Jody Seabody & The Whirls



released November 10, 2015

Clint Rater – Drums/Vocals
Dylan Thompson – Bass
Dave Merriett – Guitar/Vocals
Bryce Perkins – Guitar/Vocals



All songs written and performed by Jody Seabody and the Whirls
Recorded at 226 Studios and The Jam Space in Houston, Texas

Produced by Bryce Perkins and Jody Seabody and the Whirls
Recorded and mixed by Bryce Perkins, January 2015
Mastered for vinyl by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering in Chicago, Illinois

Photographs by Austin Miller austinmillerphoto.com

Album Cover by Marijke www.maryke.com

Jody thanks: Our families, The Johnston family, Walter Carlos, Artificial Head Records, Austin Miller, Marijke, Sean Padilla with Happy Nomad Booking, Paul, Mairi, Tele, and Sampson Cox, Jennifer Merriett, Wookie,
John Thad McCarthy, and Joey Bag-o-Donuts.


all rights reserved



Jody Seabody & The Whirls Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Two Atmospheres
The clouds outside had two atmospheres
one for every year
and I made up my mind
when I saw them that night

Blue flew south for the winter
left her home
I've found many birds a-feather
left alone
Track Name: Grassman
"Welcome home", they said to me
"This barren land vast as sea, easily
Come meet your new family"

Who made them?
Where do they go when they fall?
Your process
They're on pavement

Grassman goes up final night
Come circle 'round embers light
Track Name: You Always Come in Twos
Little muse
you always come in twos
well, don't you?
Did you get that through your
little ivory dome?
Well, did you?

Everybody needs some time
to set themselves apart
and when you find out who you are
well baby that's a start

Holy ghost
the one that you love most
controls you
Lost amber hurricane
the eye of which remains
to hold you
Track Name: Summery Zen
if you put it back
they would never know because
what's done is done
there's no looking out
when I first looked at you
I knew we would die because
I sold the sun to another sky

Hey man

I was thinking of, oh, but not enough
about how we took off for
Summery Zen
when I first slept with you
I knew we were done
but I just sold the sky to another sun

if we came to you they would never know
but I just wrote it down
for some reason
when I first looked at you
you weren't even there
but I soon realized no one ever is
Track Name: Rake One
Raekwon the Chef
Profoundly underrated
in my opinion
and this opinion is what stuck with me

now I'm in between
that's what I said
I meant nothing less

the frequency
of your impossibility of opinion
this god of science is inside of me

now I'm in between
that's what I said
I'll do whatever I please

hold out your reason
there's one in every family

you can have my records
I don't even use them
I can hold out longer
hold out tighter

you could make my memory
if I'm needed, use it

stronger, tighter, longer
Track Name: Battle
There will be no answers
when lies become you
and the final falling will speak your name

When you find your reason
to base the truth on
it will be your season to formulate a fall

if you can think you've lost your mind
take a little break and you will find
that what you thought was never there
just another thought becoming air

I wanna be in a battle with you
that's good for you

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